Why is Young Generation attracted towards smoking?

Smoking-  A word of which everyone is well aware.

Almost everyone knows how harmful it is and and what diseases it causes.

Some of the diseases which are caused by smoking are cancer, emphysema and heart diseases. And it may also shorten your life by 10 years or even more.😲
The point here is that every smoker know that smoking is affecting his/her health but still they doesn’t stop or I should say that they can’t stop.

You will find tones of articles about “How smoking is injuries to health” and all. But why do people start smoking??  even though they know that this will affect their health.
Some of the reasons that young people start smoking is because it looks attractive or to look mature.

The young ones are so curious about smoking and wants to give it a try once because their parents always warm they not to smoke which itself makes an image of smoking in teens brain.

For Example :- If I ask you NOT to think of your mother.

What was the first thing which came to your mind?? A photo of your mother? Right.

So, parents should try not to discuss the topic of smoking to their children. So no image of smoking would be created by at least parent’s side.

Also teens have been looking actors/actresses smoking in the movies and then they think that they(actors/actresses) look so cool while smoking and teens also try to adopt the same style of smoking and develop a desire to experiment smoking on themselves.

No matter the movies shows a warning message that “smoking is injuries to health” but still teens get attracted towards it even though the actors/actresses do not smoke in real life.
Teens also start smoking due their environment. They see people around them smoking every time, like they see their parents smoking, their friends smoking and etc. etc. Sometimes people start smoking in peer pressure of their colleagues or friends. They are told that smoking reduces weight and it also reduces stress and tension. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance, it travels quickly to the brain and can causes only temporary relaxation from stress. Though people know the negative sides of smoking but reduction of weight and stress sometimes attracts their attention and they start smoking whenever they feel stressed. Although there are many other ways to reduce stress and weight but people adopt this method- smoking.

It is not always easy to quit smoking but it is not impossible to quit smoking if one want to. A person should quit smoking at the earliest rather than having a feeling of regret in LIFE.

If a person has decided to quit smoking than he should tell this decision to everyone, like his friends or colleagues which will help him to stay on his commitment. Also the person should keep himself busy in the initial days so his mind doesn’t divert back to smoking.

A person who is habitual of smoking spends(wastes) thousands of rupees  in a year on smoking. The same person can have better use of that money which will not only fulfill his another wishes and bring joys but will also save his health and life.

Most of the people start smoking just to know how it feels and just to experiment smoking once, but they themselves doesn’t get to know when this become their habit and when this habit becomes a cause of their death. And a single death in a family breaks the whole family. Smoking is always started by a single person but it ends up involving a lot of people.

A smoker not always asks a non-smoker to smoke but a smoker is one of the reason that a non-smoker has started smoking. 

If anyone ever asks you what is smoking?

Tell them it is- Slow Machine Of Killing Idiot Nasty Guys (A yahoo answer)😉

Stop smoking now