YOUNG GENERATION: Points Young Generation Should Focus On

By reading the topic you might be thinking that a very old man who is going to die and hates this young generation is writing this post.😂 But wait………I am also the part of this generation.
BUT yes there is a


By reading the topic you might be thinking that a very old man who is going to die and hates this young generation is writing this post.😂 But wait………I am also the part of this generation.


BUT yes there is a HUGE difference in today’s generation and the previous generation. You must be wondering why I wrote “huge” in bold and capital letters??

The reason is that there is always some differences in different generation which we call generation gap. But now this gap has increased a lot, which should not have increased by this much amount.


You must have read somewhere that your parents are the last generation who listen to their parents and first one to listen to their children.


So, the point here is that are we so selfish that we want each and everything to be done in our way.

Young generation now a time thinks that what they thing is right is right  although in some cases it is illegal according to law and at other time it may bring shame to our parents. But who cares….right?? Because we have done nothing wrong. (According to us)


There are some points which I think this generation is lacking and can look after these points to have a better image of oneself.


  1. Greediness 

The young generation in becoming greedy day by day. We want everything which we like at any cost.

At any cost here I meant by any means. We can cross all boundaries just to get a little pleasure by fulfilling our desire.

Anything which is balanced is always good. For example: – A balanced diet. If one eat more than required than it will make him/her fat and will bring diseases….on the other side if one eat less than required then he/she will not have enough power to perform an activity and this will also bring diseases.

The same thing is applicable to our greediness. It is good that we are greedy to gain or earn something which means we have a aim which we want should we fulfilled but when this greediness crosses it limits than it is harmful for the person himself/herself and for the society also.

Greediness can be of anything.

Suppose you are working in an organization and you want to buy a car. For some time you will work hard and you will even do overtime to earn more which will bring you one step closure to your aim(In this case it is car). But when you will see it is taking a lot of time and is even hard you will try some other method. A time May come when you will stop thinking of your family and friends.

And the worst part is when you will start stealing a little money from one or the other place.

This is what I call greediness.


  1. Patience

By reading the heading only you must have accepted the fact.😜

Yes, we do not have what we call patience. We are so eager of all the happenings and results of all the things that even 1 second seems like 1 hour.

We want everything is greediness but we want everything now is lack of patience.

We get irritated or annoyed when something works at a slow speed.

Like when it takes time to load a video on YouTube…..aahhah….really annoying situation.😬

At the other time waiting for our result (only when you know that you performed well😛).

Even though some of us also get annoyed when we see someone walking slowly or driving slowly.

Like really?? Can’t we just control our mind in these situations or we have lost control from our mind.

So, one should have a little patience while accomplishing a work.


  1. Show Off

Yes, it is a problem of most of the young generation. I don’t know how one cannot keep his richness, power, links and popularity to himself/herself.

Okay I agree that one must show his talent in front of all the world. But do we need to show our richness, links, etc. to all. It is better to keep it to oneself and benefited at times of need.

What is the benefit of that richness by which we cannot help a needy with it?

What is benefit of the links, powers and popularity if we fail to help our friends and relatives at times of need?


  1. Respect

There is old saying that “Give respect and take respect”. But we as a young generation want that everyone should respect us in all the conditions irrespective of the fact whether we are respecting them or not. We have got a lot and lot of attitude filled inside us that we can’t see what to say and what not to say. We don’t even care who we are talking to.

There is always a fight where there is care and love towards other. And the same applies within our family. There are little fights within family members or at some time a big one, but should we show attitude later on to talk to our parents?…….after a fight do we forget that they are our parents?

Most of the time it is our parents who come to us and start talking again after forgetting all the things.

The reason is they do not have attitude towards us and they do respect us.

Can’t we go to them and apologize for our mistake rather than sitting on the bed and having a ego problem.

One should respect all the living and non-living things in this world by keeping aside their attitude and ego.


So we should try not to hurt someone’s feeling and at the same time we should have the capabilities to achieve our aim without greediness, which we can achieve only when we will have patience and by respecting the feelings of others.

OKAY, here comes the end of the post. I hope I haven’t hurt anybody’s feeling😍. 

If there is any mistake please let me know and if you have any query about this post feel free to ask in the comment section.