Who Is Your Real Friend?


Okay so let me first clarify something that I will not be telling you the name of your real friend if you ask me in comment section. 

So who do you think that a real friend is?? 

Is he the person who shares his food with you?

OR, a person who spends a lot of time with you?

OR, a person who helps you in doing your homework?


I am not saying that your real friend cannot have these qualities. But at the same time it is not necessary that a person who has these qualities is your real friend. UNDERSTOOD?

A real friend is a friend of yours who does need to change himself to be with you or to be friend of yours. A real friend is same from inside and outside. It is not about who stays real to your face, it is about who stays real behind your back.

A real friend may sometimes push you in trouble but that does not means that he not your real friend, because may be his intentions where not to push you in trouble but he did it as a fun.

A real friend is who shows what he is. A real friend will always help you irrespective of the fact that he would not be gaining anything  from it. A real friend never makes excuses and is ever ready to show himself at your side.

At last, a real friend is really happy when you are happy. 🙂

So now you have to check that is your real friend your real friend?

Comment below the name of your real friend and let everybody know about your true friendship.