Okay, So the whole page is about me…..wow!!😎 So let me have a brief introduction of myself.

I am Robb In as the name says and I am blogger. I blog about and for Young Generation.

I am currently studying in a University after passing from my High School.

I love talking to people and also love to make new friends. I created this blog because I am a part of Young Generation and so I have a lot to tell about it.

I am a guy who spends most of his time in thinking and I think that I thinks too much. :p

I created this blog with the help of “WordPress.com” and I used name eclecticsworld for my website

Eclectics means a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

If you wanna know about your life and learn something about life and facts than you are right place. 🙂

You’re always welcomed!!